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Kashmora 2016 Full Tamil Movie Watch Online 720p HD Video

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Kashmora full tamil movie relised in 2016, it is a best action movies with an outstanding story.¬†Kaashmora (English: Deadly Spirit) is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language epic supernatural comedy thriller film¬†written and directed by Gokul.¬†Kashmora 2016 Full Tamil Movie, It features Karthi, Nayantara and Sri Divya in the lead roles . Santhosh Narayanan composed the film’s score and soundtrack.The Kaashmora film was released worldwide on 28 October 2016.

Kashmora 2016 Full Tamil Movie Watch Online 720p HD Video


Kaashmora and his family live by cheating people in the name of black magic and dark spirits. One day, a PhD research student Yamini joins Kaashmora, only to gather evidence and expose him to the public. Kaashmora’s fame brings him to a superstitious and fraudulent Minister. Kaashmora earns the Minister’s trust. When income tax department raids the minister’s house, he asks his henchmen to transfer all the illegal money to Kaashmora’s house. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape and settle abroad, Kaashmora’s family escapes with the money. Meanwhile, Chelapathy Rao, a Telugu man seeks Kaashmora’s help and brings him to a haunted bungalow in Andhra Pradesh. In the bungalow, Kaashmora is haunted by real ghosts. Back in Chennai, the Minister learns that Kaashmora is a fraud and sends his henchmen to kill his family. The henchmen try to get Kaashmora from the bungalow but are unable to do so as the ghost beats them all and drags Kaashmora and his family inside the bungalow. Inside, they meet with a broker who got trapped inside the bungalow for a long time. The broker says that the bungalow was once a princess’s palace. Ever since her death, residents and owners of the bungalow had met with an ill fated death. He also tells that there are 13 ghosts in the bungalow. The trapped people meet the ghost of Raj Nayak, the head of all the 13 ghosts. Rajnayak asks Kaashmora to help him and his 13 subordinates reach the spiritual world. He then locks them in the castle. That night, a young girl in Kaashmora’s dream leads him to a locked door within the castle. Waking up, Kaashmora follows the same route, but is stopped by Yamini, who reveals to him that Chelapathy Rao, the man who led him here, died 75 years ago and it was his ghost that led Kaashmora as well as Yamini to the bungalow. Kaashmora searches the castle and gets hold of an old book that dates back 700 years. Raj Nayak was a self obsessed warlord and a womanizer. The King remained silent and didn’t interfere with Rajnayak’s growing atrocities because of his military prowess. One day, the princess Rathna Mahadevi elopes with her lover who is the enemy nation’s prince. The King announces that he’ll marry off Rathna and give away half of his kingdom to the man who finds her. Rajnayak kills the prince and forcibly brings Rathna back. He proceeds and kills the crown Prince and the King. He marries Rathna and coronates himself as the King. However, Rathna has other plans. She and her friends seduces Rajnayak and his subordinates. While his subordinates are burned alive, Rajnayak is beheaded by Rathna. However, he kills her before dying. Before breathing her last, Rathna places a curse on the 13 men, banishing them from reaching the spiritual world. Ever since, Rajnayak and the other 12 ghosts had haunted the palace and its occupants. An exorcist once had predicted that Raj Nayak and the other ghosts would reach eternal power if they are able to sacrifice the lives of 5 people belonging to the same family with the same birth sign. The sacrifice should be performed by a lady who is the only woman in her lineage. This should happen during the Namakali Pournami that occurs once every 1000 years. Kaashmora learns that his family members all have the same birth sign and that Yamini is the only woman in her family. That night, Namkali Pournami occurs and Rajnayak forces Kaashmora and his family to a guillotine. The young girl from Kaashmora’s dream apparates and she turns out to be Rathna Mahadevi’s reincarnation. While Rathna and Raj Nayak fight each other, Kaashmora fends off the subordinate ghosts with the help of a magical sword. Rathna’s conscience leads him to a chamber within the castle where Rajnayak’s remains are. Using the sword, Kaashmora destroys the remains, making Rajnayak vulnerable. Rathna destroys Raj Nayak’s spirit and it goes to the underworld. The other spirits flee the castle to the spiritual world. Kaashmora and his family get out of the castle and he claims that he has destroyed the spirits and cleansed the centuries haunted bungalow.

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